Message from CEO

To realize our purpose

With aspiration, trust and empathy as our driver, we aim to create value that only Fujitsu can provide

Fujitsu Group are pursuing our purpose: to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation. The starting point for this is to share with our customers, partners and employees our ideal vision of society and people's lives, as well as the issues that need to be solved and the ways to overcome them. However, to build a relationship of trust with everyone we work with to solve these social issues, we need to have empathy. I believe that perpetuating the cycle of aspiration, trust and empathy, our three values, will lead to the creation of new values, and to our own sustainable growth.
Behind our efforts is a sense of urgency.
In an age where we face an uncertain future, we will only be able to continue to create value for society and make the world more sustainable if each employee embraces the challenge of making social contributions through business.

We turned this sense of urgency into strength to move forward, and in October 2021, we launched Fujitsu Uvance, a new business brand that aims to both contribute to resolving social issues, and to achieve sustainable growth for Fujitsu itself.
“Fujitsu Uvance” demonstrates Fujitsu’s determination for “Building new possibilities by connecting people, technology and ideas, creating a more sustainable world where anyone can advance their dreams.“ The word "Uvance" embodies a concept of making all (Universal) things move forward (Advance) in a sustainable direction. Fujitsu Uvance was structured considering the predictions of what the world will look like in 2030, the goal year set for the SDGs, and the social issues we may face by then.
It consists of four vertical areas of cross-industry efforts and three horizontal areas that are the technological foundation that supports those efforts. We will make strong efforts to promote these seven key focus areas of Fujitsu Uvance and the five key technologies that support them: computing, network, data and security, AI and converging technologies.

At Fujitsu, we aim to achieve what we call "purpose-driven management," which enables each employee to realize their own purpose through activities to realize our corporate purpose. To make this work, we are reforming ourselves in all areas, including work styles, human resource systems and our corporate culture. Through these efforts, we will be able to grow sustainably, and contribute to the wellbeing of people and the development of a greener world by continuing to provide long-term, stable value through digital technology to our customers and society.

Representative Director
Takahito Tokita
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