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The Fujitsu Integrated Report introduces the Fujitsu Group's initiatives for business activities and value creation comprehensively and simply.

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Our strategy

To realize Our Purpose to “make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation,” the Fujitsu Group is pursuing a medium-term management plan that ends in the fiscal year ending March 31, 2023, and is also implementing strategies for a global society in 2030. We will pursue sustainable growth and corporate value creation by executing strategic capital allocation based on the cash-generating ability we have enhanced through our transformation to date.

Message from the CEO

Takahito Tokita
Representative Director

Our progress

The Fujitsu Group is committed to value creation in two business domains: “For Growth,” which contributes to the transformation and growth of customers’ businesses, and “For Stability,” which contributes to improving operation of customers’ IT infrastructure and supports customers’ stable business operations. At the same time, we are strengthening the foundations for value creation by establishing non-financial management indicators that show the progress of our own transformation and pursuing the optimal form of human resource and organizational management required of a DX company.

Message from the COO

Hidenori Furuta
Representative Director
COO, CDPO (Chief Data & Process Officer)

Our value creation:
Fujitsu Uvance

With the launch of Fujitsu Uvance, a portfolio of global solutions that contribute to the solution of societal issues, we have started a new chapter for the Fujitsu Group. The name “Uvance” combines the two words in the underlying concept of making all (Universal) things move forward (Advance) in a sustainable direction. By concentrating our management resources and building a business model with sustainability at its core, we will achieve growth on a global scale.

Message from the Head of Global Solutions

Megumi Shimazu
Corporate Executive Officer
SEVP, Head of Global Solutions

Message from the Chief Technology Officer (CTO)

Vivek Mahajan
Corporate Executive Officer

Our people and culture

The Fujitsu Group is working on its own transformation by implementing various measures to strengthen data-driven management, the evolution of Group employees into DX talent and the resulting enhancement of productivity, and the promotion of DX with the participation of all employees on an ecosystem platform. We are determined to achieve sustainable growth by enhancing organizational mobility through the execution of a human resource strategy that is consistent with our business strategies, encouraging employees to develop their careers autonomously, and strengthening our competitive advantage through the transformation of our business processes and corporate culture.

Human resource management

Our approach to sustainability

The Fujitsu Group’s Purpose includes a pledge to “make the world more sustainable.”
To realize this goal, the Fujitsu Group is advancing initiatives that address priority issues identified under the Global Responsible Business (GRB) platform. Based on the GRB platform, we will practice sustainability-focused management on a global scale. Moreover, each of the priority issues aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) established by the United Nations.
Through this platform, we will not only help achieve the SDGs but also set our sights beyond them as we reinforce and accelerate our initiatives to tackle issues facing both business and society at large.

Message from the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)

Yumiko Kajiwara
Corporate Executive Officer
EVP, Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)

GRB (Global Responsible Business)

Our governance

Our Purpose is “to make the world more sustainable by building trust in society through innovation.” Under this Purpose, the Fujitsu Group believes that management that lives up to the trust of customers and business partners, in which employees are encouraged to engage in activities vibrantly and proudly, and to contribute to society, is the path to our medium- to long-term growth and enhancement of corporate value. In other words, it is the way to respond to all of our stakeholders, and we are continuously strengthening corporate governance, the bedrock that supports this practice.

Interview with Independent Directors

Atsushi Abe
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Chiaki Mukai
Chairperson of the Compensation Committee

Thumbnail image of the value creation model. Click the "Value Creation Model" button to view the details in PDF format.

Value Creation Model

We in the Fujitsu Group are committed to providing value to society driven by Our Purpose, starting with social trends.

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Fujitsu Integrated Report 2022

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Fujitsu Group overview
  • 003
    Fujitsu at a glance
  • 005
    Value Creation Model
  • 006
    Board of Directors / Audit & Supervisory Board members
  • 007
    Fujitsu update: Current status of changes targeting value creation
  • 008
    Financial highlights
  • 009
    ESG highlights
Our strategy
  • 011
    Message from the CEO
  • 017
    Message from the CFO
Our progress
  • 020
    Message from the COO
  • 023
    Progress of key measures and future policies: Capability enhancement
  • 024
    Progress of key measures and future policies: Global growth
  • 028
    Non-financial indicators
  • 031
    Challenges of the Task Force on Non-Financial Indicators
Our value creation: Fujitsu Uvance
  • 035
    Message from the Head of Global Solutions
  • 037
    Fujitsu Uvance: Vertical areas
  • 038
    Fujitsu Uvance: Horizontal areas
  • 039
    Message from the Chief Technology Officer (CTO)
  • 041
    Intellectual property management supporting technology strategy
Our people and culture
  • 043
    Human resource management
  • 047
    Organizational transformation
Our approach to sustainability
  • 050
    Message from the Chief Sustainability Officer (CSO)
  • 052
    Overview of our sustainability management
  • 054
    Overview of GRB progress
  • 056
    Human Rights, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion
  • 058
  • 059
    Occupational Health and Safety
  • 060
  • 061
    Supply Chain
  • 062
  • 063
    The Environment
  • 066
    TCFD-based information disclosure
  • 070
    Collaboration with stakeholders
Our governance
  • 072
    Interview with the Chairman of the Board of Directors
  • 074
    Interview with the Chairperson of the Compensation Committee
  • 076
  • 079
    Corporate governance
  • 089
    Risk management
  • 090
    Economic security initiatives
  • 091
    Information security
Review of operations
  • 093
    Performance highlights
  • 096
    Highlights by segment
  • 098
    Technology Solutions highlights by international region
Company information
  • 100
    Company overview / Shareholder data
  • 101
    Agreement with international norms, participation in international organizations, and external evaluations
  • 102
    Editorial policy / Disclosure system

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  • From fiscal 2015, the Fujitsu Limited Annual Report and CSR Report have been combined and published as the “Fujitsu Group Integrated Report.”
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