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On-premise IT infrastructure „as-a-Service” offering

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Cloud or on-premise? Rent IT infrastructures instead of buying it, with Fujitsu uSCALE.

Why rental models in your own data center are more than a smart alternative for your IT infrastructure.

As-a-Service for your IT infrastructure - in your own data center? Exactly! Because migration to the cloud is not always the only suitable option to control IT costs. Fujitsu uSCALE is the smart alternative when other operating models to the cloud are sought for compliance, regulatory or security reasons. Benefit from cloud-like as-a-service advantages by renting servers, storage system or integrated systems for your own data center, with capacities tailored precisely to your needs, including an intelligently calculated scaling reserve for peak loads. In this way you enjoy all the benefits of a cloud model, with the data remaining completely under your control.

Reasons why an as-a-service IT infrastructure proves its worth over the cloud.

Maintain control of your IT infrastructure in your own data center while leveraging a flexible and scalable IT business model. Lower your IT costs with a pay-as-you-go business model and flexible upscaling and downscaling options, tailored to your exact needs. Rely on the latest technologies for the best possible compliance and data security.

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Reasons why an as-a-service IT infrastructure proves its worth over the cloud.

It doesn't always have to be the complete cloud migration

Fujitsu uSCALE offers flexible on-premise aaS solutions with monthly and consumption-based billing. This means: You only pay for the resources that you actually use. This allows you to save on your investment costs and enables dynamic growth - with a significantly faster pay-back period.

Fujitsu uSCALE for Workplace also offers all the hardware, software, and services via a monthly subscription model. This makes it possible for you to avoid large investments for the procurement of current IT equipment - a reality which recurs every 4-5 years.

Only pay for what you actually need - and avoid unnecessary expenses


Open a new chapter in IT cost management

Fujitsu uSCALE enables risk-free scalability and full cost control across all IT areas.

Let's take a look at your IT costs

Four simple steps - that's all it takes for a first indication. Follow the link to start your Fujitsu uSCALE experience. The tool provides easy estimates for ready-made solutions such as server, storage, data management and workplace offerings.

Benefit from all the advantages of modern IT infrastructures with Fujitsu uSCALE

Maximize agility

Maximize agility

Maximize agility

Speed makes companies successful. With Fujitsu uSCALE, you can react promptly to incidents and launch new initiatives faster than ever.

Without accepting large risks or costly investments


Pay-per-use- model

Pay-per-use- model

You can scale your required resources - up and down - at any time. The capacities are already installed.

You only pay for what you actually use.


Always access to a contact person

Always access to a contact person

You have a direct line to a single contact person who is firmly committed to helping you.

They will deal with your technical and business issues in a pragmatic fashion.


Remarkably low base costs

Remarkably low base costs

With uSCALE, you can rent up to 70% of your resources as “reserve” capacity. In other words, you will not be billed for this 70%. (Volume lock of 30%)

You can hardly find comparable value from any other provider.


Also available for Desktop as a Service

Also available for Desktop as a Service

With Fujitsu uSCALE, you can also use Desktop as a Service solutions on an as-needed basis.

Your users access fully provisioned devices without having to make your IT resources available.


Your data in safe hands

Your data in safe hands

Data security of local infrastructure meets the flexibility of the cloud. With Fujitsu uSCALE, that is finally possible.

Get full control over your growth AND your data.


Understandable price structure

Understandable price structure

The basis for planning and calculation is entirely transparent.

With our simply structured pricing model, you have a full overview of your expenses - at all times.


State-of-the-art technology

State-of-the-art technology

Boost the flexibility of your IT infrastructure. With Fujitsu uSCALE, you are no longer stuck with costly investments and you have the freedom to switch over to new technologies at any time.

cloud it

Combination of on-premise IT and cloud IT

Combination of on-premise IT and cloud IT

Fujitsu uSCALE makes it possible for you to also deploy your on-premise IT in a cloud-like fashion.

In this way, your entire IT infrastructure is deployed in a way that reflects your actual needs.

Fujitsu uSCALE in a nutshell

Fujitsu uSCALE delivers flexible, on-premises IT infrastructures "as-a-service" solution via monthly consumption-based billing based on actual usage. Benefit from an IT solution that precisely focuses on your specific needs, saves investment costs, enables dynamic growth, and realize faster time to value.

Case Study: Fujitsu uSCALE in practice

City of Ludwigshafen selects pay-per-use for storage


With 172,000 inhabitants, the city of Ludwigshafen am Rhein is one of three major cities in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region and an economic powerhouse in Rhineland-Palatinate.


> High-performance, scalable SAN-on-demand
> High complexity, due to data center relocation and latency optimization
> Unpredictable data growth because of digitization


> Fujitsu uSCALE in data center on Premises
> Flexible capacity adjustment: add or remove capacity as needed
> Real-time access to archive data, e.g. eFiles

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case study ludwigshafen city

Your advantages from Infrastructure as a Service models

IT as a Service is particularly relevant for companies looking to avoid costly upfront investments. An example of such would be introducing a new AI project, which would entail incredibly high infrastructure costs.

This computational load can then be flexibly outsourced. Depending on the agreement you have with your provider, it only takes a few simple steps for you to scale your computing power—up or down—when encountering peak loads. In a consumption-based model, you then only pay for the capacity that you actually require.

With any IaaS provider

External management of the data center

Controls, maintenance, new acquisitions - this is now taken care of by your cloud provider. They take care of the platform administration and security, so that your users always have access to up-to-date hardware.

By having the platform externally managed, your need for in-house IT specialists is also reduced. Your IT team is only responsible for selecting, installing, and maintaining the software. This allows you to focus more on the activities that bring you profit.

With any IaaS provider

More flexibility and scaling and computing power

Procuring and installing new hardware requires a lot of effort. Generally speaking, the additional computing power is not available when it is actually needed. If you launch new projects with IaaS, you can unlock the necessary resources by simply pressing a button. This ensures speedy implementation without a time-consuming purchasing process.

A virtual data center also allows you to compensate for seasonal fluctuations or increased workload from marketing and sales activities.

With uSCALE from Fujitsu

Cost savings via pay-per-use payment model

Fujitsu uSCALE offers the best of both worlds: It is like a cloud, but private, more flexible, and more efficient. This will save you costs, while also satisfying all guidelines and data protection requirements.

IT infrastructure can be used on-premise and features monthly, needs-based billing - in a cloud-like fashion.

Use cases of infrastructure services

You are now familiar with general advantages of infrastructure services. Now we will look at scenarios in which IT as a Service can be particularly useful. Basically, the more fluctuating and higher the demand for resources, the more reasonable it is to use IaaS.


IaaS, PaaS, SaaS and DaaS - why smart rental models are on the rise

This is an approach whereby everything is made available and consumed “as a service.”

This service model is particularly common in cloud computing. Depending on the model, this can be ready-to-operate software (SaaS), a platform (PaaS), or an entire infrastructure (IaaS).

It is also important to choose between private cloud and public cloud. In practice, most companies opt for a hybrid cloud that combines both cloud models. In this case, sensitive data and applications are stored on local server or storage systems, while non-critical data is operated on IT infrastructures in the public cloud.

Regardless of the service and cloud model, the following is true: “as a Service” models offer higher flexibility and fast availability, as the services can be obtained from anywhere via the Internet. Furthermore, it does not require any in-house, technical expertise.

And Fujitsu uSCALE is now bringing these advantages of the cloud to your local data center.

Without knowing it, we often use as-a-service models in everyday life.

An example of this are E-scooters and other mobility solutions.


According to a recent survey, 83% of respondents use E-scooters at most once a month. Buying one yourself would quickly cost several hundred euros. Therefore, the use of E-scooter sharing offers is a worthwhile alternative.

Even with IT infrastructures, it can take a long time before the one-time acquisition costs pay off compared to an as-a-service model. Moreover, such a model also offers many other advantages.

Source: Boston Consulting

Infrastructure as a Service

Desktop as a Service

Platform as a Service

Software as a Service

As a Service in practice

The cloud model “Infrastructure as a Service” outsources components such as servers, network switches, storage units, and virtualization solutions to a cloud provider or IaaS provider.

That said, in the aaS model “Desktop as a Service” (DaaS), virtual desktops are provided on every end device. This means your desktop environment is centrally protected, controlled, and unlocked. This greatly reduces expenses for IT administration and provisioning.

Important detail

When choosing the IaaS provider, make sure that usage-based billing is possible. It’s also very important for there to be a high level of flexibility available via customization options.

Public, private or hybrid cloud: you can build on these IT infrastructure concepts

Regardless of your provider, you can generally choose between three different cloud computing models

IaaS Icon

IaaS with public cloud

Public cloud is a comprehensive IaaS platform that is provided publicly to all customers. The services can be accessed via the Internet, and the cloud provider takes care of providing the data centers and performing maintenance accordingly.

icon private cloud

IaaS with private cloud

A private cloud, however, is not freely available. It is run within the company and is typically used only by the company’s own employees. In comparison with the public cloud, this offers great advantages in terms of data protection and IT security. There may be a potential disadvantage of the private cloud in that certain added values which are typical for the cloud—such as scalability and software provision - cannot be fully displayed in the browser.

icon hybrid cloud

IaaS with hybrid cloud

The hybrid cloud is a combination of public cloud and private cloud. This allows the company to control which data is stored on private servers and which data is stored with public providers. For this to be possible, the IT infrastructure must be organized such that the processed data streams are always stored in the right cloud.

The right cloud for the right workload

That depends on the size of your company and the volumes of data processed. At large organizations in particular, hybrid cloud models offer a new level of flexibility for achieving the set business goals.

More about Hybrid Cloud

Bring the benefits of the cloud to your data center with Fujitsu uSCALE

Get more information about Fujitsu uSCALE. Your personal contact will be pleased to assist you.


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