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Digital Infrastructure for a Connected Society

Fujitsu Hybrid IT – seamlessly, sustainably and securely connecting the world

We are rapidly approaching a time when all things in society will be connected through digital touchpoints and services, where data will be utilized to deliver insights and benefits well beyond the boundaries of industries and companies. In this new connected world, a strong and resilient digital infrastructure foundation will be required for close collaboration - enabled by Hybrid IT, Multi-Cloud Services and emerging technologies such as AI.

At Fujitsu, we are enabling a new future with resilient IT infrastructure that’s agile, scalable and secure. Through our core technologies and a strong partner ecosystem, we are helping to realize a global society where people, goods, and things are securely and sustainably connected in a way that solves social problems and creates new value.

Utilizing resilient IT services, Hybrid IT Solutions and a wide-ranging portfolio of emerging technologies such as High-Performance Computing, we enable enterprise digital transformation that delivers end-to-end connection and powerful data insights to drive sustainability and operational excellence.

Our in-depth understanding of the complexity involved in deploying hybrid environments and adopting the latest technologies, means we are perfectly positioned to help you avoid the pitfalls, optimize costs, ensure cyber resilience, and leverage the benefits from your technology investment.

Organizations have a sustainability gap. What can they do to close it?

More and more leaders are realizing that future-proofing their business requires a full transformation, taking a strategic and holistic approach to sustainability throughout their operations. But this does not translate into real action.

61% of our thousand business and public sector leaders across 15 countries say they’re advanced on their sustainability journeys, although only 7% are prepared for environment emergencies and only 2% have achieved net-zero status.

Digital infrastructure of the future: here’s what you need to know

The responsibility of businesses is changing with organizations, such as the UN, urging a new era of digital cooperation to promote sustainability and equity worldwide.

Enabling this international collaboration requires effective digital infrastructure that ensures resilience.

Discover the five things you need to know about the future of digital infrastructure to support your organization, its contribution to sustainability and equity, and to whether the unpredictable business climate.


A successful hybrid cloud strategy supports the business transformation agenda. Is yours working?

In partnership with Longitude, a Financial Times company, Fujitsu surveyed 300 senior executives across 14 countries questioning them about their hybrid cloud strategies. While Hybrid Cloud Leaders are enjoying greater benefits from their hybrid environment, our research reveals that there is a clear difference between behaviors and outcomes for organizations as they worked to accelerate the benefits of Hybrid IT.

  • Hybrid Cloud Leaders are looking at their Hybrid Cloud strategies as a whole: they are considering business alignment, proactivity, talent, and tech together.
  • 75% of Leaders advise that their Hybrid Cloud environment facilitates the use of emerging tech and 49% advise that as a result of a Hybrid Cloud strategy, they have improved the speed of new service/innovation delivery in the last 12 months.

Tackling Hybrid IT Challenges

One of the real benefits of taking a hybrid approach is the opportunity it offers to augment existing services and provide new capabilities. While it’s become clear that organizations sector-wide understand that Hybrid IT capabilities are vital to thriving in a digital-centric age, many face challenges related to cost optimization, cyber security and the implementation of new technologies. Fujitsu can empower you to work out the priorities in overcoming these challenges - read on to find out more.

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Hybrid IT security: More important than ever.

Hybrid IT Solutions have long been seen as a valuable way to transform and enhance both internal operations and those that intersect with customers. However, it’s essential to overcome the cyber security challenges you face when leveraging the power of digital technologies with cloud migration and Hybrid IT.

Store Operations Cockpit

Emerging technologies in a Hybrid IT environment: Put the use-case first

Adopting emerging technologies is not just about purchasing technology and then finding a use for it. It’s about having the right mindset and defining specific use-cases for how those new technologies can help your business.

Digital Annealer

Hybrid IT economics: Only spend on what makes your business more agile

Take stock of what you have, what you need, and how you can use Hybrid IT and Multi-Cloud Services to optimize costs as well as deliver greater agility and resilience.

Maximize the impact and value of your cloud – Fujitsu Cloud Managed Service

Fujitsu Cloud Managed Service powers your cloud vison and management. It comes with end-to-end management of your cloud environment, highly automated to deliver an exceptional customer experience.


Protect your critical production networks and assets – Cyber Security for Operational Technology (OT)

Proactively limiting the risk of OT networks is key to embracing the rapid pace of digital disruption. Find out how you can get a secure network that provides around the clock protection for your industrial processes and business critical assets.


Take your transformation to the next level - Private 5G and Edge Computing Services

Enable your organization to reach the next level of agility, flexibility, security, and innovation. Private 5G and Edge Computing Services is a key moment in delivering turbo-charged computing and communications power.


Develop the Right Hybrid IT Strategy and Realize the Benefits

Powerful computing, resilience, cyber security and collaboration are the key ingredients in creating digital infrastructure for the connected society. Bringing together these four ingredients, we help you to create a resilient IT infrastructure that delivers the best possible scalability, agility, flexibility, and security controls capable of adapting to changing business requirements.

By creating a powerful and agile hybrid infrastructure environment, we empower you to gain greater levels of visibility and control of data and user information across platforms. Whether your organization is in the private or public sector, utilizing the power of data analytics, we enable you to gain the insight you need to make your future transformation and initiatives successful. Based on the actionable insights you gain, you are empowered to realize and maximize new value from cost optimization, increased efficiency, and the introduction of new and innovative services.

Enterprise Resilience

Enterprise Resilience

Organizations need IT infrastructure solutions that ensure resilient operations in volatile, complex, and uncertain times. Fujitsu Hybrid IT promotes the creation of flexible and highly scalable IT environments that can maintain and increase business and enable you to become an industry disruptor. Resilience and security are at the core of all our solutions. We:

  • Support our customers with a comprehensive portfolio of digital solutions that utilize best practices in mission-critical systems and advanced technologies like AI.
  • Ensure operational resilience within Hybrid IT ecosystems to protect data as threats evolve.
  • Provide flexible and highly scalable IT environments that enhance business performance, improve operational efficiency and enable sustainable enterprise-wide transformation.
  • Deploy IT infrastructure solutions that deliver greater control, can be flexibly managed and can be easily adapted to new and changing compliance demands.
Collaboration and Connection

Collaboration and Connection

Collaboration works best built on a unified Hybrid IT strategy with resilience firmly at its core. Fujitsu Hybrid IT provides a highly reliable platform for cross-enterprise data and service collaboration enriched by tools and technologies like AI and Machine Learning (ML) for new value creation. We help augment the IT landscape making the best use of existing investments while modernizing with new and emerging technologies. We provide:

  • Latest development technologies, tools and support for a wide range of cloud applications to help organizations address their consumers with innovative offerings.
  • Agile and flexible platforms that utilize the right mix of technologies, including cloud, edge and core as well as on-premises, to enable new services and applications to be launched quickly and seamlessly to satisfy emerging and changing customer and business needs.
  • Flexible hybrid infrastructure that allows you to connect to new and existing customers and partners along the value chain more easily - enticing all parties with a richer customer experience.
Computing Power

Computing Power

We support organizations with the processing power needed to empower enterprise transformation. We enable:

  • Lifting and shifting workloads to hyper-scale cloud provider platforms.
  • Workload management and tie in with on-premises workloads and computing power.
  • Utilization of ultrafast processing capabilities such as High-Performance Computing to provide organizations with one of the most powerful and flexible processing capabilities.
Collaboration and Connection

Cyber Security

We support organizations to proactively defend business, customer data and infrastructure against cybercriminals. Our philosophy is simple - with the right planning and preparation, coupled with the best technologies and underpinned by focused training and knowledge, you can move forward with confidence, protect your people and data, and drive your business ambitions. We:

  • Help establish a proactive cyber security strategy that continually enhances security measures as threats evolve.
  • Build a consistent level of cyber security resilience across infrastructure to stay ahead of vulnerabilities and threats with a broad and strong portfolio of consulting and managed services.

Maximize the value of Hybrid IT on your terms

Scalable, powerful, and secure digital infrastructure is the foundation for the successful and sustainable transformation of your business. We provide you the hybrid infrastructure that allows your business to flourish and we make sure that all your security requirements are included.

Secure Together as One

The digital infrastructure for a connected society

Every aspect of our lives depends on digital connectivity. All depends on digital infrastructure. Great technologies seamlessly connected and securely operated by a trusted partner so that everything works every day. And that can evolve at the pace of social and technological change in dynamic markets and societies.

We provide services which reduce the complexity of managing your cloud infrastructure efficiently to drive sustainability, assure governance, and offer strong resilience while realizing business value at each step of your transformation journey.

Panel Session: Cyber Secure Culture

Cyber Security solutions for complex digital infrastructures

Security is the key. When our data and identities are secure then we can work with confidence and be more creative, productive and deliver great experiences for your customers. Strong cyber security not only safeguards your business from threats and breaches, but also boosts your brand and customer trust. Each digital touch point, every service, and every movement of data needs to be protected right across your infrastructure and at every point of contact with customers, citizens, and employees.

We provide cyber security services that answer all challenges in Hybrid IT and Multi-Cloud environments.

Making a difference in key industries


Digital Infrastructure in sustainable manufacturing

A short guide on bringing together traditional IT, cloud and Operational Technology to empower transformational change.


Why the public sector should embrace hybrid IT

How digital infrastructure can enable greater agility and resilience for public services


A digital infrastructure focused on customer experience

Leverage hybrid IT to deliver a unified end-to-end connection and customer experience

Why Choose Fujitsu Hybrid IT?

At Fujitsu, we utilize the power of co-creation. Working closely with organizations, we use our Human-Centric Design approach to bring to bear the power of cross-functional teams. Automation and emerging technologies are at the core of all our solutions, ensuring that you are best positioned to gain a competitive edge.

  • Globally, we work with over 10,000 customers enabling them to meet their transformation, resilience and sustainability goals.
  • We have over 5,500 certified experts across AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud and Oracle Cloud.
  • We provide a global service and solutions portfolio from geographically distributed service delivery centers that are secure by default up to the highest security classifications.
  • In our Digital Transformation Centers, we co-create solutions that help you to overcome your specific business challenges. We implement your strategy/vision by building and operating customized solutions for industry and technology-specific requirements.
  • We are distinctly multi-cloud and base our recommendations on client preferences and requirements.
  • We understand the complexities associated with heritage IT and the capabilities of state-of-the-art cloud platforms.

Using our experience and technologies we design and deploy Hybrid IT Solutions capable of unlocking organizational growth and achieving the agility, security and innovation you need to survive in the modern digital world.

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