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Quantum-Inspired Computing Solutions

The world of ‘Always Optimal’ with Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Optimization Services

To stand out, thrive and be Always Optimal, organizations must push the boundary of what is considered possible. Some business problems have a vast number of potential solutions which are just too challenging to calculate with standard computing technology. From financial model stress testing in banks and process optimization in manufacturing, through to pharmaceutical drug research and development, conventional optimization methods cannot handle the complexity of some of today’s most challenging business problems. This is where Fujitsu’s Quantum-Inspired Optimization Services (QIOS) come in. Whatever your sector, Fujitsu QIOS:

  • identifies addressable, valuable digitally transformed outcomes
  • optimizes existing processes to derive greater business value
  • controls costs
  • overcomes skills gaps
  • integrates with existing operations

Fujitsu Quantum-Inspired Computing powered by Digital Annealer

The Fujitsu Digital Annealer architecture bridges the gap to the quantum world and paves the way for much faster and more efficient solving of business problems that are unsolvable with current generation classical computers. Despite the leap-forward in capabilities, this advanced technology is delivered through easy-to-access Quantum-Inspired Optimization Services, powered by the Digital Annealer platform, over the Cloud or on-premises, supplemented by consulting and technical services.

With combinatorial optimization problems, our Quantum-Inspired Optimization Services simultaneously assess all possible outcomes to deliver optimal solutions at incredible speed. QIOS enables productivity and efficiency gains through business process optimization, it provides the flexibility to be Always Optimal in dynamic environments, as well as inspiring trust and confidence that your business is running in an Always Optimal state. QIOS creates real-time solutions to complex problems using data and computing.

Our Quantum-Inspired Optimization Services are already making waves across a wide range of sectors. From optimizing intermodal mobility in smart cities, optimizing risk vs return in financial portfolios, optimizing the flight path of satellite missions, and optimizing manufacturing production to accelerating drug discovery and enabling core-to-store retail optimization - QIOS is enabling businesses across sectors to achieve Always Optimal.

Partnering with Entanglement Inc. we also successfully demonstrated the capability of QIOS to optimize the delivery of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) within the United States during the Covid-19 pandemic. Provisioning PPE to high-demand areas presented an enormous logistical challenge, but together with Entanglement, we delivered a theoretical nationwide model that optimized the resource allocation of potentially available PPE stocks, while minimizing the mileage and time-traveled to emerging hotspots. Using real-time data from an array of public and private sources, Digital Annealer outperformed a comparative evolutionary algorithm by 90%.

Other use cases for Quantum-Inspired Optimization Services include:

  • revolutionizing product design
  • optimizing traffic flows
  • solving packing problems
  • solving logistics/warehousing problems
  • manufacturing job shop scheduling optimization
  • more rapid drug development
  • demand forecasting
  • optimizing financial services products
Manufacturing: Factory Optimization

Manufacturing: Factory Optimization

Car manufacturers are looking to improve production efficiencies to accelerate the deployment of new vehicles. QIOS identifies errors and flaws such as corrosion, defects, and quality issues to immediately improve overall production planning and ultimately vehicle delivery. Capabilities include:

  • production efficiency
  • robot positioning optimization
  • job shop scheduling
  • components logistics
  • workforce optimization

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Pharmaceuticals: Drug Discovery Lead Optimization

New drug discovery is a laborious, slow, and costly process. From target identification to launching a new treatment in the market can take between 12-15 years per drug. The use of quantum-inspired computing enables the screening of trillions of molecules and reduces the hit molecule search timeline to just 8 weeks. With QIOS the range of targets can be progressively reduced, leaving just a core of high-value candidates, significantly lowering the risk of trial failure.

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Pharmaceuticals: Drug Discovery Lead Optimization
Financial Services: Asset Management Optimization

Financial Services: Asset Management Optimization

QIOS enables the banking sector to find ideal investment allocations to maximize returns by grouping stocks that correlate with price variations. It finds the best permutation from among 20 or more stocks (equivalent to more than one quintillion permutations). With QIOS portfolios can be managed with greater accuracy and less risk.

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Smart Cities: Traffic flow optimization

Within smart cities, there is massive scope for optimizing traffic flows and reducing congestion. For example, QIOS can enable the real-time monitoring of traffic conditions to deliver more effective traffic control and reduce pollution. For instance, Fujitsu has worked with the Hamburg Port Authority to cut traffic congestion and speed up journey times by optimizing traffic light sequencing in the port area and on roads into the city of Hamburg.

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Smart Cities: Traffic flow optimization
Retail: Personalized Digital Marketing

Retail: Personalized Digital Marketing

QIOS enables marketing agencies and retail companies to accurately and instantly deliver personalized content to existing and prospective customers through targeted web content to influence their purchase decisions.

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Mobility: Fleet Management Optimization

Every fleet management problem, regardless of the vehicle, is a resource distribution and allocation problem that can be optimized with Fujitsu QIOS. For instance:

  • We co-created a solution with Japan Post to optimize transportation route combinations, truck types, and cargo loads to reduce delivery fleets in Tokyo.
  • Together with Astroscale, The University of Glasgow, and Amazon AWS, we are developing proof of value for spacecraft flight path optimization to cover maximum debris locations with minimum fuel usage.
  • As the future mobility ecosystem extends to flying drone taxis, this also illustrates the potential for optimizing the flight path of flying taxis for maximum ride-share utilization with minimum fuel consumption.
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Mobility: Fleet Management Optimization

Forrester Study: Quantum-Inspired Computing; Today’s Solution to the Hardest Business Operations Challenges

Some of the most challenging business problems in the world could be solved more effectively with quantum-inspired computing. In a recent Fujitsu-commissioned Forrester Consulting study we evaluated overall sentiments for solving these challenges and the results show a significant breadth of momentum.

Get the full study to discover:

  1. Quantum-Inspired is coming fast.
  2. The technology of the future that Is tangible today.
  3. Overcoming hurdles, with more than just technology
  4. The value quantum-inspired brings cannot be ignored
  5. Key recommendations - on how you can get started today.

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