Realize your Data-Driven Enterprise

More than Digitization – Digital Transformation

The world has changed tremendously in recent years. Almost from one day to the next, it became clear that digitalization is no longer a theory, but must become reality. And the focus here was, is and will be even more in the future: data.

Huge amounts of data are generated each new day. Every second, every hour, everywhere – so much for digitization. But the question for digital transformation is: How can value – and therefore money – be generated from data?

After all, the success of companies today depends significantly on how well they can capture the data and integrate it into their business processes to make disruptive business decisions. This ability is critical to the use of innovative technologies such as AI and data science – which would be futile if the data used is insufficient, incomplete or of poor quality. And this is where we can help.

How to make your very own data-driven transformation story a success?

The Fujitsu CX Lab is the starting point to discover how we can help your organization to become a data-driven business. During these virtual or local sessions, our experts guide you through a variety of demonstrations.

We'll discuss your organizations’ challenges and expectations, show how we find creative answers, and demonstrate the solution itself. You will have the opportunity to speak live with our industry-leading experts about the potential for your business.

Services, creating successful data-driven organizations

A data-driven business exploits data at every level to achieve both strategic and operational advantage but every organization is unique in its processes and complexities. Therefore, Fujitsu partners with you on every aspect of the data-driven transformation journey and throughout every phase of projects, from initial consulting through to designing and building the solution.

Fujitsu makes the co-creation workshop with your stakeholders the heart of the process to innovate your business. The Co-creating Program has been developed over decades of experience in Japan and around the world and helps you to harness the power of collaboration to deliver your unique digital transformation.

We make sure that your solution is effectively put into practice, including all the supporting services such as consultancy, discovery, and assessment services as well as implementation and installation.

Fujitsu Data Driven Services help you to identify your starting point, challenges, and targets for successful digital transformation and effectively realizing individual your data-driven solution.

DX Innovation Platform – build the future datacenter

Working with industry leading partners Intel, SUSE, NetApp and Juniper, we have developed the DX Innovation Platform. The DX Innovation Platform is a tool that provides you with the opportunity for hands-on experience of how your future datacenter could look like – making it easier to challenge and jointly develop your organizations IT strategy together.

Topics we discuss on the DX Innovation Platform:
  • AI (AI Test Drive)
  • Data (analytics, data crunching)
  • Containerization (new operation systems and platforms)