Assessment and Consultative Services

Services, creating successful data-driven organizations

A data-driven business exploits data at every level to achieve both strategic and operational advantage but every organization is unique in its processes and complexities. Therefore, Fujitsu partners with you on every aspect of the data-driven transformation journey and throughout every phase of projects, from initial consulting through to designing and building the solution.

Experience our unique co-creation approach

Fujitsu makes the co-creation workshop with your stakeholders the heart of the process to innovate your business. The Co-creating Program has been developed over decades of experience in Japan and around the world and helps you to harness the power of collaboration to deliver your unique digital transformation.

Fujitsu BestPlace - Data-Driven Cloud Advisor for SAP Workloads

SAP as one of the most important applications worldwide can be operated nearly everywhere, either on-premises, in clouds, or in hybrid environments. Identifying the best place for each SAP instance of an environment is a huge task to achieve during day-to-day business and will have an immense effect on your cost and performance levels.

Fujitsu BestPlace – our Data-Driven Cloud Advisor for SAP Workloads - is a quick yet sound method to find the best places for the most important SAP instances, regardless of industry or company size.

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