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Data Driven Services

In a changed world, we all need to accelerate data innovation

Unlock fresh value in your data with services from Fujitsu

There are exciting opportunities ahead for organizations that can unlock the value of data. You might be a manufacturer looking to take quality control to new levels using predictive maintenance. Or a university seeking ways to improve the student experience. Or a public safety agency that needs to deliver actionable insights fast. What makes the winners stand out is their ability to pull together excellent-quality information in real time, and leverage this information to create value. Whatever your challenge, being a smart, responsive organization means using data as your business enabler.

Are you ready to be data-driven?

If you don’t know where to begin, or how to take the next step, begin with Fujitsu. Fujitsu Data-driven services help you to identify your starting point, challenges and potential, set out clear targets to become data-driven, and achieve measurable progress on your journey to being a data-driven organization.

Transform to-do to done with Fujitsu data-driven services

With Fujitsu on board, you’ll find it’s much easier than you thought to make sense of all your data, fully leverage its power, and become one of the smartest data-driven businesses around.

The journey starts where you are right now. Here’s how superior data-driven services from Fujitsu help you to transform your business:

Define your data transformation baseline

Ensure correct alignment between data and business strategies
Make best use of your money, skills and knowledge to structure the data budget
Eliminate waste in data
Be ready for innovation
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Create your data architecture

Co-create your data architecture:
you benefit from expert, unbiased guidance from Fujitsu, and develop ideas in creative partnership with us: HXD Co-creation Services
Future-proof your distributed storage:
with the FUJITSU Storage Inspection Service, you can analyze and correlate customer data from up to 30,000 unique data points.
Unique Human-Centric Experience Design methodology
Co-creation by default: solutions are developed with you, not on your behalf
Unique access to ecosystem of internal & external experts
CxO level engagement, with focus on addressing data transformation challenge in alignment with your strategic direction
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Protect and secure your data

Protect your data in increasingly complex distributed architectures,
with a holistic set of services from Fujitsu to identify, detect and protect against security threats.
Optimize storage space and costs
Mitigate risks associated with service level agreements
Eliminate backup inconsistencies
Deploy apps efficiently in virtualized environments
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Gain business value

Ensure your IT is ready to respond fast to the next disruptive change.
Derive value from your data:
See an example use case of a Digital Twin from Fujitsu and Altran in action.
Consistently make technology choices based on achieving business outcomes and the best fit for your workloads
Build a long-term data strategy for sustainable success
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Fujitsu co-creation:
bring together bright ideas

The best conditions for the creative spark: a Fujitsu co-creation workshop is an ideas factory, where Fujitsu experts and creative minds from across your organization pool their knowledge to spark fresh insights for your future.

Take stock of your situation
Challenge the status quo and come up with fresh ideas
Create and prototype innovative concepts fast
Rapidly scale out the solutions that work best
…all powered by unique design thinking with FUJITSU Human Centric Experience Design (HXD)

Want to know more about Fujitsu Human Centric Experience Design?

Make a success of your data with Fujitsu

With creativity-led IT planning, Fujitsu has guided many organizations in data-driven transformation, helping them to sort the hype from the game-changing innovations, and align IT strategy to business needs. It is all backed by a first-class service experience from Fujitsu and ecosystem partners.

Inspection & Discovery
See a Fujitsu workshop in action here
How can a government inform citizens of threats? Fujitsu assessed mobile alerting technologies for the UK Cabinet Office.
Implementation, Integration
How Fujitsu helped Caffe Moak in Italy operate with consistent data across all departments
Discover how a co-creation approach with Fujitsu enabled SJ-Solutions to innovate around secure data management.

Why Fujitsu is your first choice

End-to-end service
A great concept is just the start. We don’t stop at a consultancy project – you can rely on us to deliver on the great ideas we devise with you, and make certain your solutions work out of the box for instant business value.
Trusted guidance, unbiased advice
An ecosystem of Fujitsu experts and technology partners to deliver exactly the solution that works best for you
Fujitsu stays with you
You don’t have to continue your data-driven journey alone. We keep working hand in hand with you, providing unique services (and more data technologies) as your organization develops.

Start transforming to-do into done

Discover your data-driven potential with Fujitsu
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