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Taking positive action on climate change is a collective industry goal. Fujitsu’s global manufacturing community is developing smart, innovative strategies to super-power people and achieve carbon neutrality on a global scale.

Explore our manufacturing insights and customer stories and discover how leaders around the globe are using technology innovation to increase sustainability and achieve net-zero. Find out how you can apply this to your own eco strategy.

Customer Videos

Discover how Fujitsu customers are transforming their operations and reducing their climate footprint using smart factory solutions

Mars Inc - transformative technology to help you create happier customers

Learn how Mars' collaboration with Fujitsu is enabling resilience in the face of disruption, creating happier customers and delivering real value for stakeholders.

Quantum-inspired computing's potential to raise yields

Bayer engaged in a proof of concept with Fujitsu’s Digital Transformation services, assessing the power of the quantum-inspired Digital Annealer to solve complex challenges relating to seed production planning and materials campaign scheduling. Bayer strives to create more robust supply chains and richer yields for farmers.

Customer stories

Learn how Fujitsu customers are creating sustainable change through digital manufacturing technologies

AB InBev

AB InBev

2021 IDC Award Winner - Future of Things
Beer production meets 21st-century blockchain technology

Together, AB InBev and Fujitsu successfully launched a blockchain technology pilot to deliver full transparency and traceability across AB InBev’s barley supply chain and production processes - from farm to consumers.

“We’re excited about the potential to bring this project to our European growers, and to show beer drinkers where the barley in their Leffe is from.” Erik Novaes, Vice President of Procurement & Sustainability, AB InBev

Botanical Water

Botanical Water

Delivering a trusted new source of water

The new Botanical Water Exchange (BWX) platform utilizes the Fujitsu Track and Trust service to ensure end-to-end transparency and traceability of processes, including the refinement, sales, purchase, delivery and usage of the product.

“The Fujitsu team impressed us with their passion and ethos of sustainability. They also have a compelling track record with Ricex and Fertx.” Terry Paule, Co-Founder and CEO, Botanical Water Technologies.

Hunter Douglas

Hunter Douglas

Leading the Industry 4.0 transformation

With Industry 4.0 very much on the agenda for manufacturing firms, this ground-breaking example shows how Fujitsu has the industry expertise, global reach, and local presence to lead the way in smart factory deployments.

‘We recruited Fujitsu to stabilize our SAP S/4HANA manufacturing deployment across 20+ facilities in 22 months, enabling an Industry 4.0 approach that reduced costs, boosted efficiency, and streamlined manufacturing.’’ Stephen Katsirubas, Chief Information Officer, Information Technology Hunter Douglas



Building a futureproof ServiceNow environment

Fujitsu overhauled Centrica’s ServiceNow® platform which had become hindered by years of customisation. The result is an easy-to-manage platform built on best practice processes, reducing change request approvals and improving employee experience for future business transformation.

Fujitsu’s expertise and strategic Centrica partnership allowed us to collaborate and build a simplified platform, enabling future success together. Raj Oza, Head of ITSM, Centrica

Fujitsu Blogs

Fujitsu big thinkers share their knowledge on manufacturing technology trends and their impact on global business and society

Sustainable manufacturing: turning wine into water

Sustainable manufacturing: turning wine into water

Big problems require innovative solutions. And problems don’t come any bigger than the world’s water crisis. Fujitsu’s work with Botanical Water proves that by innovating sustainably with intent, organizations can create radical new ideas that solve critical problems and deliver them on a global scale.

Manufacturing change isn’t a mission - it’s a movement

Manufacturing change isn’t a mission - it’s a movement

Fujitsu experts shared their thoughts on the digital transformation that’s going on. They all agree that through collaboration the speed of this process will increase - enhancing the whole industry and optimizing investment.

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