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Ai PAC report

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So much has been written about Artificial Intelligence (AI) at an abstract level recently that it’s good to be able to talk about what’s really happening. Who is doing what, where are they doing it and why? That’s what this PAC survey and report gives us and why Fujitsu has enthusiastically supported the initiative.

Artificial intelligence is currently evolving from a niche technology to the mainstream. While some companies will develop new and innovative services on the basis of AI, the vast majority will use it to address challenges regarding operational excellence, the innovation of customer experience and the automation of core processes. The use of AI in the application context is an area of dynamic innovation - many major software vendors, Internet platform providers, start-ups as well as IT services companies have developments underway. As such, AI will be fundamental for the various use cases of the Internet of Things.

To evaluate the relevance of AI on business applications, PAC has undertaken a comprehensive European survey of 240 medium and large companies among decision-makers from various departments, including sales & marketing, finance, production and supply chain, and IT.

Download the PAC Study Executive Summary

This executive summary document offers commented survey results. However, more importantly, it is a business guide for executives, providing insights into what benefits companies can expect from artificial intelligence and how the technology can help innovate processes that are driven by business applications.

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