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Multi-Cloud Transformation

Multi-Cloud Transformation

Future-proofing your business in the era of rapid market change

At a time when digital initiatives are driving business change at a rapid pace, it might seem like demands on your IT department are pulling your systems and people in different directions:

  • Meeting new challenges fast but with a decreasing, inefficient budget.
  • Accelerating cloud-native innovation of modern applications and services, whilst maintaining visibility and management.
  • Adopting the latest technologies to remain relevant, whilst avoiding cloud isolation in terms of skills and resources.

If these challenges look familiar, outdated infrastructure could be holding you back. It’s costly, rigid and siloed – so it’s time to make your move,
with Fujitsu Multi-Cloud Transformation.

Making your move to cloud

By moving to cloud, you can free yourself from conflicting pressures – and achieve a range of business benefits, including:

“What should I move to Cloud?”

We usually see three key technology initiatives in organizations looking to move away from their traditional infrastructures:

Provisioning more
solutions from the cloud

Exiting traditional data
centers wherever possible

Optimizing and
integrating what remains

Knowing which elements to move can be complex and daunting – especially when some of these are ‘mission-critical’ to your core services.
To understand all dependencies, constraints and risks, we recommend a thorough assessment of your environment before making any changes.

Useful Guidance

Fujitsu Multi-Cloud Transformation makes it possible to take even the most crucial and sensitive systems to the cloud with total confidence.

“Which Cloud should I move to?”

A common question for organizations moving to the cloud – is “which platform?” for their workloads, systems and applications.

With the diversity of business, service and technical requirements often involved - a single, standard cloud solution is rarely the answer.

To meet all specific needs, a tailored ‘right cloud for right workload’ approach is needed. This is a concept we call “Your Multi-Cloud »”

Microsoft Partner Azure Expert Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider SAP GlobalPartner VMWare Partner

The steps you should take

From building your business case and assessing your environment, to migrating your workloads and continuously managing them – your Multi-Cloud Transformation roadmap needs to be carefully managed throughout.

We recommend working through the following steps with our expert help. Click below to explore each one in more detail.

ResultsChainBuilding your business case | Forecasting future benefits
Fujitsu Multi-Cloud Transformation - Click to explore
YourCloud framework
YourCloud Framework
  • Understand your business challenges, drivers and outcomes and define your cloud strategy using Fujitsu’s Results Chain.
  • Define a plan to align your business, people and culture, governance, platforms, security and service & operations to the strategy.
  • Discover your existing IT datacentre environment
  • Assess suitability for migration or transformation to a Multi-Cloud environment
  • Recommend remediation actions to support migration or transformation
  • Build Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) profile and investment / rate of return implications utilizing Fujitsu’s Cloud Economics methodology
  • Define move groups and plan the migration
  • Architect & Design, and Build & Configure the target environment
  • Validate the target environment, and Test workloads pre and post migration
  • Migrate to your new Multi-Cloud environment

Modernize your business application, through:

  • Replacement using standard COTS or SaaS
  • Redesign to optimize and leverage multi-cloud environments
  • Rebuild leveraging latest tools and frameworks (cloud-native)
  • Provide day to day management of your Multi-Cloud environment, workloads and application, allowing you to focus on the things that are important to your business
  • Ensure you are getting the most out of your Multi-Cloud environment and are running in the most cost effective way
  • Utilize Fujitsu’s Shinkansen Service Development to continually meet your changing requirements
  • Exploit optimization tools optimize your ongoing service and ensure continuous innovation

Why choose Fujitsu’s Multi-Cloud Transformation services?

We recognize that the best mix of traditional data center environments and public/private cloud requirements will always be different for each customer, which is why our Multi-Cloud transformation services provide flexibility and impartiality.

  • We have one of the most mature transformation methodologies in the industry, which has been specifically designed to minimize the risk of complex enterprise transformation.
  • Our methodology harnesses our deep experience across hosting, cloud provisioning, server and storage, security, networking and applications.
  • Experts from all these subjects are integrated together, to bring you a multi-disciplined approach that ensures the blueprint and your future environment is aligned to what is achievable and to your business needs.

By removing the risk and complexity of transformation, we can help you to create and run cost-efficient, flexible Multi-Cloud IT.

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