Intelligent data-driven Insights

Multi-Cloud Data Analytics

Multi-Cloud Data Analytics

Maximizing the value of big data with "out of the box" analytics.

The most valuable asset every organization owns is data – on their market, customers, assets, processes and more. For those able to harness this data, competitive advantage is within reach, through improvements such as:


Operational Efficiencies

Generating new insights to optimize
business processes.


Customer Intimacy

Discovering market and customer trends to
develop and tailor services.


Fail-Safe Service

Predicting critical service issues and
fixing them before they arise.

Multi-Cloud Data Analytics is the answer

To make this a reality, you need to make the data you have work as hard as possible and drive value from existing big data investments quickly and easily. Multi-Cloud Data Analytics - powered by ManageNow® - addresses these challenges and allows you to:

  • Collect data from a variety of sources, visualize it and make better business decisions to get ahead of your competition.
  • Make critical decisions in real time, taking the focus away from end of month reports and manual data analyses.
  • Take advantage of a portfolio of services including Customization, Managed Services and Data Science Services.
  • Have complete peace of mind, with experts on hand to support and consult as you need.

Rapidly deliver the data-driven insight you need

Available as a fully managed platform, Multi-Cloud Data Analytics – Powered by ManageNow® is:

  • Easy to implement – as a containerized solution, Multi-Cloud Data Analytics runs on, and be transported between, any cloud and on-premise infrastructure.
  • Quick to deliver ROI – drive insights and value from your data immediately. Scale the solution up and down easily and customize for your specific needs.
  • Without risk of vendor lock-in – unlike competitor technologies, Fujitsu’s Multi-Cloud Data Analytics open source architecture provides complete flexibility.

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